Saturday, December 6, 2008

My 100th Day in South Korea!

My 100th day in South Korea!
Caroline, Hee Woon, me, Song, and Chantelle

Goofy pose!

Cheers! Here's to another 100 days :)

Chantelle and I with the cake and candles!

Hee Woon and I showing off our matching promise rings!

Caroline and I!!

Song and I and our promise rings!

Our matching promise rings! We're the best of friends :)

100 Days! Whoo Hoo!

The candles and cake!

Red, white, and blue: An American in South Korea!

The failed attempt to do the candles in the park. We were so cold!!! We moved to the London Pub after that!

Hee Woon and Caroline at dinner!

Song and I after dinner.

Caroline and I at dinner

The cute little stuffed bear Caroline got for me :)

My gifts from Caroline and Chantelle :)

Putting on our matching sweaters in the restaurant!

Song, lol

Hee Woon and Caroline

Chantelle and Song

Eating dinner! Hee Woon and Caroline

Caroline and I!
The rose and sweatshirts from Chantelle :)

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