Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Seoul Weekend

Our first dinner in Seoul. Traditional Korean meal~ everyone eats from the same dishes, and if you run out of something they will bring out more for free

Inside of the restaurant

Alleyway in front of the restaurant

Inside of the restaurant

Three things: Fried mushrooms, fried pieces of the center of the lotus flower, and fried slices of potato

Dessert: sugared rice cakes

My new outfit that I bought in Seoul!
(It was expensive, but it feels sooo good to have new clothes that fit! :-0)

Vicky and I bought matching necklaces- we are now 'Seoul Sistas' lol

The whole gang: Vicky, George, Furio, me

These were the paintings we bought in Seoul

I bought the flower one! It's hanging in my kitchen :-)

Vicky, Me, Furio at a foreigner bar in Seoul

Vicky & Furio dancing...

Some new friends we made...

Vicky & I

Furio & I

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