Wednesday, February 18, 2009

South Korean Nights...

Going to dinner with Caroline, Vicky, Furio, George, and Song:

The Owners brought this out for us on the house because we were bringing in business; Koreans were coming in off the street to get a look at a table full of foreigners! We got a lot of attention that night, ha ha!
Koreans call this 'Korean Pizza'- it's a spicy fried patty with veggies, peppers, and pieces of squid


Song ordered a plate of baby octopus... I tried one, it was squishy... no one else had the guts! After I ate one, Song had the rest of the plate to himself, lol.

Song eating his baby octopus...

There's me eating the baby octopus!
(I love Vicky's face in this picture, look at how she's looking at me!)

Seafood plate- muscles, scallops, shrimp, octopus in spicy sauce

fruit platter

Photo Opportunity!
We were trying to shove beer bottle caps over our eyes, lol.
They made for some funny pictures...

Bottle cap eye balls!
We look like alien fish, ha ha!

It was hard to get them to stay..

Caroline & I, ha ha

Ah, I love Vicky!

"Nauri" means singing; "Bang" means room
"Nauribang" = "Singing Room"
It's like a private party karaoke room, they have rooms of all sizes, some for two people, and this one was for 10+. I went with a group of my foreigner friends, and we spent two hours singing and dancing! They had props in the room, like colored wigs and musical instruments to play with, so that explains the funny wigs we're all wearing!

Furio & I singing a love song... lol!
(we sounded awful...)

Nauribangs aren't just for singing, but dancing too!

Chantelle and I rocking our wigs off..

There's me with Vicky!!!!

"The Judges", ha ha!
Caroline, Edison, Chantelle, Paul, and Jake

Furio from Italy, Roger from England, and Jake from USA

Chantelle and Caroline singing a duet :-)

Chantelle & I singing our duet :-)

Chantelle & I looking hot in our wigs!

Caroline & Chantelle

Jake took that tambourine VERY seriously, ha ha ha!
(just kidding...)

The two Americans singing a patriotic song.

Getting down with the tambourine

On another night:

Caroline & I went to Chantelle's house for a "Dinner and Twister" party!
We had so much fun...

And on another night:
The next weekend we went out with our Korean friends...

We found these arcade games on the street~ we had so much fun with them! They were all to test your strength~ the boys had a good time with that, but it didn't stop us girls, either!
That's Chang Hyun above...

My turn! I'm not quite as strong as Chang Hyun, lol :-)

Chang Hyun

Joon's turn

A great picture of Joon, ha ha

Chantelle gave it a try too...

Song using his taekwondo skills, ha ha

Me, not using taekwondo skills, ha ha

I had heels on, but I gave it a good try anyway!

Chang Hyun did a good kick

Chantelle and me being goofy :-)

Joon, me, Chantelle

Caroline, me, Suk Min, Song

Stopping for a snack from a street vendor~ Song's drinking soup and I'm eating a chewy rice patty covered in hot sauce, I'm not sure how to explain that one in English...

The whole gang eating street food

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