Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dinosaur Footprints, Buddhist Temples, and Wetlands

Field trip to GoSeong with the Catholic Center

My kiddies :) and friends

My favorite kids, John and Ann.
They are the sweetest kids you will ever meet. Their dad died 5 months ago with 4 other people while climbing Mt.Everest, but they still manage to smile...

Tony drinking the blessed water at a Buddhist Temple

Me, Sunny, Joon

Harvey, Sunny, me

Dinosaur footprints!

Me, Joon, Sister Susanna

Winter caps with animals on them are really popular here, not only with the kids but adults too! I have a panda one!

Dinosaur footprints

I caught one in the act! lol. (those are my new shoes :)

Me with Sister Susanna

Harvey, Me, Tony

Me, Jung, Jenny on the teacher's trip to Suncheon
Buddhist Temple

Other teachers

Me with Jung in the bird museum

Me with Jenny in an egg, lol

Taking a boat ride through the wetlands

Dried squid, yum... street food

Korean clothing at it's finest!

Aerial view of Masan
from Chantelle's apartment

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