Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go-Seong Dinosaur Park!

My co-teacher, Eun Seon!

We have new boyfriends!

The Dinosaur Museum!

In the Dinosaur museum!

Cute little girls!

Waiting at the museum for the 3-D Dinsaur movie!

Waiting for the Dinosaur 3-D movie!

My little school kiddies!

I just came out of that egg!!

See those chips in his bag hanging out? Yea... we wanted them.... She's going in for the kill...

Making the grab.....

What are you talking about?! She didn't take your chips!!

I'm inside a dinosaur egg! LOL.

The nicest Dinosaur I've ever stood next to!

Watch out, Eun Seon!

Another school was having a picnic too, and this is where they stopped to eat lunch! We kept walking and ate by the sea side!

Taking orders from the Head Teacher!

Isn't it just beautiful??!!

This sign has some info in English, if you click on the picture you can read it!
(Nevermind the typo's! LOL)

Beautiful Fall season!

Meditating in Korea!

Silly kids!

Where are we?


My Friends, lol!

Eun Seon hates this picture, but I love it! We were laughing when a student took the shot!

Awww, the co-teachers!

These steps were SO STEEP! I thought for sure someone would get hurt, lol!

A few of us 3rd grade teachers!

We had fallen behind because we stopped to take so many pictures, so we had to run to catch up!

This is where the kids had their picnic, they put out little picnic mats on the rocks and sat out there! The teachers and I ate in the grass over to the left!

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