Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding, Parade, Concert, O'Briens, and Korean Drums!

Eun Seon took me to her Korean Drum practice and I got to play too!

What can I say, I'm a natural! :)

He's the teacher!

That's Eun Seon in the white dress!

Look at her go!

This was the concert at the Changwon Festival, I got to see about 5 famous Korean bands! It was awesome!

Song came and met us at the concert! Me and Chantelle both bought those matching heart stick things, they had blinking lights in them! They were kid toys, but we didn't care :)

Chantelle and Song! And her heart flashing stick thinggy!

View of Changwon from the E-Mart parking garage

This is the field where they had the concert, this was taken the day after and they were out there breaking down the stage. It's a massive round-a-bout in the middle of the city, and it was a awesome place to have a concert!

At O'Brien's Friday night. Krista from California, Caroline, and me.

Liz from New Jersey and Jessie. (I don't remember where she's from!)

This is Anna from Ireland! (I don't know who the guy is, lol)
Me and Anna in front of the Family Mart after leaving OB's!

Anna from Ireland, Sam from England, me, and Song

Max, Anna and Song


Me and Song!

Shannon from Washington D.C., Krista from California, Caroline from Scotland, me

The Bride at the Wedding from Saturday! She was absolutely gorgeous!!!

Getting ready in the bathroom! We're the Supremes, lol

Traditional Korean Hanbok dresses at the wedding

Floral arrangements and a woman in her Korean Hanbok at the wedding!

Me, Caroline, and Chantelle at the Wedding

Me, Caroline, and Chantelle with one of the teachers from Korean Class!

Me, Caroline, and Chantelle with one of the teachers from Korean Class!

The father of the bride

This is Vicky from South Africa!

Taking pictures of the Wedding Pictures, lol. Aren't they a cute couple??

Starbucks after the wedding! This is how we spent the $100!

Having drinks at Starbucks after the Wedding!

Our table at the Wedding reception.
Left to right: Vicky from South Africa, Paul from the U.S., Chantelle from Canada, me, and Caroline from Scotland

My plate from the Wedding Buffet

Me and Caroline at the Changwon Festival Parade!
The paracuters that jumped out of the plane over the crowds of people at the Changwon Festival!

Sleeping Baby!

In Korea, women carry their babies on their backs! She said his English name was 'Starry' because he smiles like a star all of the time. He was SO cute! What a happy baby!

Caroline and Hee Woon! It was like pulling teeth to get him to smile!!

Caroline and Hee Woon

My feet hurt so bad that I took my shoes off, and a stranger came over and put his newspaper down for me to stand on! He was so sweet!

She's one of the teachers from Korean Class! She does palm reading as a hobby, and she told me that my husband would be rich but not very good looking (LOL), that I'd be in my 30's before I got married, that I'd have two boys and that I'll live a long life! We'll see how accurate that turns out to be :)

The parade from the Changwon Festival! It was so cool!

Chantelle from Canada playing with 'Starry'

Those ribbons were attached to their heads, and they could make the ribbons spin and bounce, all in sync! It was cool!

They were dancing, everyone told me they were supposed to be Korean angels

The opening to the parade

That's a well placed leaf there... lol

Caroline showin' some love for her fellow Scots playing the bagpipes!

A float at the parade!

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