Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Pictures

The turtle statue representing a long, happy life. People pray here and leave gifts at the statue, so he's covered in tiny statues, rocks, and gifts. My adult class ladies took me to the Buddhist Temple outside of Changwon, and this was taken there

This was the temple dedicated to the Mountain God. It was the highest temple out of the three.

The shrine in the main temple.

This is inside of one of the other temples. The pile of mats to the left are for people to kneel on while praying!

This was a painting inside the temple dedicated to blessing new born babies. The Buddhist monks use all natural materials to make the paint. They use flowers and plants and things from the mountain, and the colors never fade!

This was the main Buddhist Temple. Those people at the bottom of the steps there are carrying big jugs of water from the constantly flowing fountain, said to have special properties to promote good health. People walk there everyday to gather water and take it home to their families! It's free to the public. We drank some.

The main temple, re-built about a hundred years ago. Also painted with all natural materials, said to never fade and has never been re-painted!

Song on his last night in Changwon before moving to Seoul.

Caroline reading Korean!

Martial Arts Caroline!

Song and Caroline

Shannon from Washington D.C. and Chantelle from Canada

View of Masan from the top of a mountain.

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