Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Everland and Seoul!

Eating the Oh Don Japanese noodle dish at Everland for dinner!

We bought these matching 'ninja' hats at Everland, we are so cool!
This is Caroline from Scotland.

They put two fried shrimp in the Oh Don, you could choose from shrimp, mushrooms, or squid to add to your noodles. That little cup is a side of radish, if they don't have kimchi, they have radish!

Walking through the parking lot to Everland

The theme at Everland was Halloween, but Koreans don't celebrate it. The theme park just decorated for it, and they said, "Welcome to Halloween!" But there was nothing else Halloween about it, no spooky houses or scary shows or anything. Ha Ha, they thought it was Halloween anyway.

This was when we bought our ninja hats!

They had dippin dots ice cream too, Caroline had never tried it before so we bought some!

That wooden roller coaster in the background is the 'Alpine Express', the roller coaster with the largest incline in the world! It drops at a 77 degree incline! I thought I was going to DIE.

They had these little animal rides that walk you around the park! They were so funny looking! You put 500 won into the slot, and the animals start walking for about 5 minutes and you can steer it in whatever direction you want! It was for kids, but we rode one anyway. It was awesome!

My shoes that I bought last weekend in Seoul with Kelly and Yoorina!

This was a rose garden that they had at Everland, it was really beautiful.

The Rose Garden

Korean kids playing in some water jets that randomly shot out of the ground. They were too cute!

Kids standing in line to sit on Mr. & Mrs. Halloween's laps and get a photo!

Everyone eats caramel popcorn as a snack. yum...

These animals remind me of my little doggy back in Tallahassee. Look at those cute ears!

Halloween Parade... we noticed all of the pumpkin people are foreigners! Strange...

Back at the hotel, getting ready to go out and meet the rest of the girls in Itaewon! I was eating a candy bar.

Caroline getting ready!

Goofing around!

I was laughing so hard! We have fun together, ha ha

Rose was in the background but she covered her face... camera shy?


Shopping in Hyoondoy or something, I can't remember how to say the name of that part of town. But this was a big open air shopping place.






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