Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gyeongju trip with Korean Class!

This is what Korean Class looks like. Every foreigner gets their own Korean to study with for an hour and a half!

Korean Class

Korean Class

Korean Class Field Trip to Gyeongju!

The gang's all here!
The banner says, "Changwon Korean Class"

This is Caroline and I with one of the super friendly teachers from class!

This is Chantelle from Canada in front of a tomb. Inside the giant mound there is the tomb of an ancient Korean King!

One of the teachers from Korean Class! The teachers are all volunteers!

Me, Caroline, Chantelle

Hee Woon, he's our best teacher friend from Korean Class!

Having fun on the bus ride to Gyeongju!
That's me, Caroline, and Hee Woon

Stopping for lunch at a traditional Korean restaurant!

Korean Classmates at the lunch table! It was the first time I've eaten a traditional Korean meal sitting in chairs and not on the floor! How strange...

After lunch, we went to a park to see the King's tombs. There were about 20 of them, great big mounds! We got to go inside one of them!

Hee Woon and another teacher

They are teachers too! Newly-weds. Inside that pink blanket around his waist is a baby, usually the women carry them on their backs, and it's rare to see a man willing to carry the baby! He's a good guy, lol.

Hee Woon and Chantelle!

Chantelle and I in front of a tomb

This is a famous painting of a horse, found inside one of the tombs offered to the King at his burial

Dishes found inside the tomb

This is where the King's body was laid inside the mound.

Chantelle and Caroline

The King's crown

That's Hee Woon! I'm not sure what we're doing with our faces, lol, but it was funny!

The park that had the ancient Korean King's tombs

Those mounds are the tombs

Beautiful Fall colors!

That mound is a tomb.

Chantelle from Canada!

The evilest squirrel I think I've ever seen!

Caroline bought some cotton candy, or 'candy floss' as they say in Scotland, and when she offered me some, I pulled the whole thing out of the cup and pretended to eat it all! Classic photo, ha ha!

I was SO COLD! I was using the umbrella to shield me from the freezing wind!

The gang, freezing to death! (Chantelle, Caroline, and Hee Woon)

The rain and mist was pretty cool looking walking up the mountain, despite how cold we all were!

Hee Woon is such a gentleman! He was sharing Chantelle's umbrella because he gave me his! I think he'd give the shirt off his back for anyone that needed it!

Going to see the Sockarum,

Caroline, Chantelle, and Hee Woon

Chantelle, Hee Woon, me, and Caroline

Talking English with some random kiddies!

Chantelle and Caroline were singing a Korean song for them!

Entrance to Bulguska Buddhist Temple

Aren't those trees just beautiful?? Fall in Korea is wonderful!

I love this picture!

This is Bulguska Temple.

There's me! And Hee Woon, lol.

Another group of school kids we were talking to! I don't even know where they came from!

The main temple at Bulguska

The swastika was originally a peaceful Buddhist symbol used for hundreds of years before the Nazi's made it into something horrible.

Every Buddhist Temple has a fountain with blessed water, this is a new friend named Noka, he's from the Philippines and he works at Gyeongnam University.

Caroline drinking the blessed water!

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