Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seoul with Brandee!

This is how three people entertain themselves at a bus station for two and a half hours! Song wrote the Korean, and we each drew a picture of the other person! It says, "Gong Nam Bus Terminal" and each of our names. So cute :)

Stranded at the Bus Station...

Eating Kim Bob!

Brandee has excellent photo taking skills....

Chinese pancakes from the street vendors. They are my favorite street food!

Martial Arts performance, that man sliced through each pole in one try! It was awesome!

These guys were amazing! They could do back flips over each other and stuff. They were so good!

Brandee's new husband! They got 'married' in the parade!

Taking my friend away in the parade! I was running to keep up, lol

Brandee was pulled into the marriage carriage, lol, what an experience!

Insadong in Seoul

Brandee's first subway!

The Business District in Seoul, near our hotel

Korean soft drinks!

When we went to Seoul Tower, they had a display with this Christmas tree made of teddy bears and that strange flying man thing, there were like, 3 flying men hanging in the air but you can't see the strings! It was so funny looking!

The pagoda outside of Seoul Tower

A laser light show outside Seoul Tower

Seoul Tower from the base

The pictures don't even do it justice! It was amazing!

The views from the tower were incredible! Seoul is a massive city!

A pagoda outside of Seoul Tower. It was beautiful!

There is Seoul Tower!

This was our hotel, Iibis Hotel. Very nice!

Outside the hotel!

We are so angelic :)

We had only been there 20 minutes and we had already strewn our stuff all over the place!

The toilet was fancy with tons of buttons and tricks! Brandee was freaked out by the heated toilet seat, lol!

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