Friday, January 16, 2009

Basketball Game and Bowling in Changwon!

This was the lady that interviewed me when Caroline and I were eating dinner! There were two ladies, one interviewed me and the other interviewed Caroline. Later, I found out they were to be my students in the Teacher's Seminar!

Here's all four of us at dinner. Caroline and I were just eating when they came over and asked if they could speak to us! Our new friends, lol!

Caroline and I at Hee Woon's going away party

There's Hee Woon!

This was at the basketball game! That's Paul from New Zealand!

There's Hee Woon, Vicky from South Africa, and Oliver from England

EVERYONE had those red plastic tubes! Instead of clapping or cheering, you beat the tubes together and they make a loud popping noise!

We went bowling for Hee Woon's 29th birthday. This is Chantelle from Canada

Vicky from South Africa and Jake from Georgia, USA

This was my team! Me, Chantelle from Canada, Hee Woon from Korea, Jake from Georgia USA, and Sky from Korea

Sky, Vicky, Hee Woon, Me

Me, Hee Woon, Roger (from England)

Sky and Okie. They are both volunteer teachers at my Korean Class!

Hee eating his birthday cake!

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