Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years on Kho Phi Phi Island!

The little cove that we found!

The islands remind me so much of Hawaii...

Ocean kayaking!

Maya Beach on the smaller island

This is where "The Beach" was filmed

That's a long tailed boat

The rain was coming! We left just in time...

Taking the long tailed boat back to Long Beach from the other island

We were soaked from the waves on the long tailed boat! It wasn't even raining yet!

The view from Long Beach at sun set

Long tailed boats along the beach

Krista and I screaming on the way back from kayaking! I thought we were going to die; the seas were so rough!

Long tailed boats in Kho Phi Phi

Taken from the long tailed boat

From Long Beach

From the boat leaving Long Beach

Path to our hut

Alex and Cynthia's hut

The path way to our hut

This was our hut!

The community bath house

Dinner! Left to right: Alex, Cynthia, Megan, Brad, Krista, me

Our huts!

Krista getting ready inside out hut. We both had farmer tans from wearing our t-shirts!

New Years Eve night on the beach!
Alex, Cynthia, Krista

A stray dog found his way to us... lol

Brad, Krista, Alex

Brad, Krista, Alex, me

Dancing in the alley with the Thai family!

Megan, Cynthia, Alex

Cynthia and the boat driver helping Alex into the long tailed boat!

Dancing in the alley way with the Thai family!

That guy was playing with chicken feet, lol....

Taking the long tailed boat back to Long Beach!
Brad, me, Krista

Coconut milk soup

Dinner! Left to right: me, Brad, Megan, Alex, Cynthia, Krista

Krista's first tattoo!

Krista's tattoo: it means love in Chinese

Alex's tattoo: it's a dragon

Cynthia's tattoo: it's a gecko

Getting my tattoo done!

The three foot tattoos! Mine is on my ankle, it's really small. That shamrock on the top of my foot was the one I got in Ireland last year.

Us with the tattoo artists!

Getting mine done!

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