Monday, September 1, 2008

Pictures from Rose's camera

Here's Rose and I eating at the Korean BBQ restaurant! This is by far my favorite food here, it is delicious! AND CHEAP TOO! Shannon took the photo. LOOK! I'm using chop sticks!

The restaurant manager helped us cook our food.

Here's my BBQ wrap! It's very good, my favorite :)

Here's our meal! There's Kimchi, potato salad, a red sauce, some kind of vegetable salad thinggy, and the onions and lettuce are for the pork BBQ wraps. That meat is still cooking, so it looks raw there!

The Restaurant manager, she helped up cook our food! She knows Rose and Shannon because they go there so often! She doesn't know English, but she's nice to us!

This is how you put the BBQ wrap together: take the big piece of lettuce, put onions in it, put the meat in it, add garlic, and a slice of radish on top, roll it together, eat! It's my favorite food so far! Those onions are soaking in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing, it's very good!
That's me and Rose with our parfaits! Shannon took all of the pictures, lol, but I'll get some of her next!
There's my parfait! Then in the bowl there is toast, it comes with every ice cream purchase I think, and in the little dish there is whipped cream. Yes, you put the whipped cream ON the toast and eat it. It actually works... believe me or not- it's okay! The tin cup is my water.
This was the fruit parfait that had 5 different kinds of cereal in it.

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