Saturday, September 13, 2008

A South Korean Experience!

They kept eating while we were cooking- I think we ate just as much as we made! They both had mouths full of food and were laughing when I took this picture, I think it's my favorite one!

Making Song Pyong!

It's tradition for the whole family to make Song Pyong in Korea, so some other Sisters from a near by town came over to help.

They are put on top of pine straw and steamed to cook. See how they look like little moons? That's because Chusok is the Harvest Moon Festival.

The little ones are ground sausage and vegetables and the large ones are fish.

These are slices of Sweet Potatoes battered and fried in a skillet

Slices of fish meat and vegetables stuck together with toothpicks. I usually don't care for fish, but these weren't half bad! The little slices of fish were decorated with tiny little peppers and seasonings.

Making Song Pyong.

Take a break! Time for lunch!

We got to sample some of our fine cooking.

This is the spicy kind of kimchi! There are about 20 different kinds of Kimchi, and I can't eat this kind! Too hot!!!

I got a little closer to that food plot by my school in my walk home. I think I've figured out what some of the crops are...

GARLIC! Look at all of that garlic! I've seen Koreans eat chunks of garlic like candy!

This is the back of my apartment building. I live on the 2nd floor, and those are the screened in back porches that we share. Those glass panels slide open and there are mesh screens behind them.

The entrance to my building.

This is the name of my apartment building.

Kim Bob! It's yummy! There's ham, pineapple, and radish wrapped in rice and dried seaweed.

There's the Kim Bob, spicy kimchi, yellow radish, and sardine soup. Yea, I don't eat the sardine soup. But I tried it! It's not my cup of 'soup'. lol.

These were fish for sale in a market place on the side of the street in Masan.

Walking down the street in Masan at night with Rose and Shannon. There is a lot of music, lights and advertisements!

Streets of Masan.

Streets in Masan during the day time.

A cute Korean store.

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