Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Week- pictures

This is Lee Eun Seon, aka Ellen, my co-teacher!

Walking down the street.

This is my classroom. I am sitting at my desk taking the picture. Notice the doors, they are all sliding doors!

This is the view from my classroom window. That's the field and play area. None of the schools have grass fields, it's always dirt. Thank God the kids change their shoes, lol

This is my classroom. That's Seon's desk.

My computer is built into the desk, it's really weird! I think it's for privacy...

Eating lunch with the group from the training center. The guy on the left is TJ, he was a great help when it came to figuring out what the food was!
I took this photo while waiting for the bus to Masan. This is the main street through my part of town, but I am not in the center of Changwon, I'm on the outskirts.
The cooks at the restaurant.
My favorite soup!
The outside of the restaraunt and the manager.

Practicing my Korean Script! This says, "Hello. Where are the public toilets?"
Me, Andrea, and our Training teacher.
My favorite kind of soup.
Me. LOOK! I'm using chopsticks!
This is a good dish. It's a steamed egg with seasonings.

The view of Changwon City from the training center.
Our table at the restaurant after we were done eating. Look at all of those dishes! I feel sorry for the dishwasher, and the cook!
The training center at the Office of Education in Changwon.
A table in a restaurant.
Me, practicing my Korean Script writing! It's called Hangul.

This is another version of Korean BBQ. It's very good!
Walking down the streets at night in Changwon
The view of Changwon from my hotel window
Something living in a fish tank outside of a restaurant, would you eat that??! It looked like a sea slug or something!
Another view of Changwon from my Training Center.

The English classroom at the model Elementary School. They let us play with the computer software.
Thts is a normal English Classroom.
The guest slippers for everyone at the model School.
School hallway
Another kind of Korean BBQ

This is Andrea, she's from London. We were roommates at the Changwon Hotel.
These are some other girls from the Training Center.
This is the English Classroom at the Model Elementary School. It was amazing! My classroom does not look anything like this!
They had mock a restaurant, store, hospital, and bed room, just so the students can pretend like they're in that scene while they practice using English. "Can I have the spaghetti, please?"
This was my favorite poster, because all children should know how to say 'Body Guard' and 'Scavanger'. HA HA

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