Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seoul, Changwon, and O'Briens!

The little girls that sang and danced for me!
View from the rest stop on the way to Seoul
Rest Stop

The Changing of the Guard at the Palace in Seoul

Changing of the Guards

Cheonggye Plaza in Seoul! It was a beautiful park!

Street in Seoul

A Disney Cafe in Seoul

The park in Seoul

I kept thinking these stones were going to sink into the water!

A traditional map of Seoul back in the 1600s

Mural paintings at the Cheonggye Plaza

This was another park in Seoul that we went to, My Korean reading is getting better and I can read that sign! It says, "Sam Eel Moon". I don't know what that means, but hey, I can read it!

Statues of Korean leaders inside of the park.

This is a traditional Korean Pagoda built a long long time ago. I read the information sign but I can't remember the date on it! They have it protected in that glass building and it was beautiful. There used to be a Buddhist Temple at this very location. The pagoda was from that time period.

An artist in the arts & crafts section of Seoul, called Insadong

The beginning of Insadong

Traditional Korean gifts in Insadong

The Chinese Stuffed Pancakes that Yoorina bought for us! They were delicious!

This is Kelly and Yoorina. Kelly is from NYC and she works with Yoorina. We had a traditional Korean lunch and it was so good! We had our own private room!

At a shopping Mall in Insadong, at the top of the building there was a park

Me and Kelly

Kelly on the cover of a magazine!

Me on the cover of a magazine!

The shopping mall in Insadong. All of the shops sold handmade gifts and crafts

The sidewalk Chalk Art Festival! We had so much fun there!

Kelly and I split a little piece for the public to contribute to the art! Someone else had colored a part of the Korean flag underneath ours, so I did the American flag in my section and Kelly wrote Love From NYC in her half!

They gave us these AWESOME sun visors to wear while coloring! (Notice that NO ONE ELSE is wearing them, lol!)

We are too cool for these hats!

Look! I wrote my name in Hangul!

Yoorina adding some art to the dry erase boards!

A message for you!!!

Riding the Subway in Seoul

A random statue in Seoul

Another market place in Seoul. They were everywhere, and they sell anything you can think of! It was so crowded with people though!

View of a section of Seoul from the Subway when it went above ground to cross over the River. In Korea, that's the Hangang, it flows from North Korea into South Korea.

Me and Kelly on the Subway

Me and Yoorina on the Subway
This was our group on the Changwon Tour from Saturday. There are a few other foreigners that I met, some of the Sisters, and some kids from the Catholic Center. This photo was taken in the Changwon Rose Garden!
This was the traditional Buddhist Temple that we went to, it was built in the 1600s and Buddhist Monks still use it today! It was so beautiful. Unfortunately my camera died while we were here, so I don't have as many pictures as I'd like to have :(

All of the foreigner people I met. Two of them are the people that I met from England, Vicky and Roger. They are taking me to the free Korean classes with them on Tuesday!

The pond at the Buddhist Temple.

This is the Buddha inside of one of the smaller temples, there were even larger shrines but I didn't have my camera then!

A baby donkey from the Junam Wetlands Park. He was cute!

Tour of the Junam Wetlands Park! Those floating Lilly Pads are very heavy, and they have thorns! They produce beautiful Lotus flowers though. It was gorgeous!

The lighter green fields are rice!

This is Jung, she's one of the other 3rd grade teachers. This photo was taken at the dinner at the Sushi restaurant when the head teacher ordered me BBQ! They are so sweet!

The light show with Caroline and Song. It was a good show!

Does this need to be explained? LOL!

Shannon, me, and Alex from Niagara Falls Canada

Song, me and Shannon at O'Briens

Alex with her crew!

Alex, me, and Caroline from Scotland at OB's

Caroline and the guy from South Africa. And me in my awesome shades!

This is the view of Changwon from Yong Gee Lake, where the light show is and where the acupuncture walking park is!

Wash you feet before you walk on the acupuncture walking path!

A diagram explaining the different parts of the foot and which parts represent parts of your body

This is Jihyen, she's aweosme!

Jihyen and Mee Young at the Acupuncture Walking Park. This was the night they re-named me So Young!

The path at the park was made of different material to do different things to your feet!

Some kids at school cleaning my classroom!

The Cafeteria workers!

Some of the 3rd grade teachers! The man is the head teacher.

Caroline and I at OBs!

My Ronald McDonald Bowling Shoes!

Rose was bowling too!

Me at the Yong Gee Lake with Caroline and Song

The pizza is the same! I loved it! Yummm....

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